We love the outdoors. We treasure old gear and the stories that come from the long days outside with it. We hate waste. Once a product's one life is over, doesn't mean it's useless.
We love uniqueness. The one-of-a-kinds. The things that make you look twice.

We repurpose old skis, snowboards, and other items to give them new life. Just because a ski or snowboard has had its last run, does not mean its life must be over. Those skis and snowboards have experienced many days of stories, and can still experience many more.

We strive to use every bit of the ski or snowboard even including parts from the bindings.

But this isn’t about just reusing old stuff. It’s about balancing reuse with high quality furniture and accessories. Our goal is to make pieces you’ll want to talk about – simple, well built designs, and each with a story of its own.

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